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Photography by Phyllis Bretholtz for The Cambridge Creativity Commons


Ballerina 2013
By Ella, age 8
Oeuvre not yet complete
Ballerina 1998
By Dorothy Arnold
Catalogue No. DA-2051

The boundless energy of Dorothy “Doffie” Arnold has given us thousands of her drawings and paintings. Her friends and family have assembled that energy into The Doffie Project.

A vast selection of Doffie’s award-winning art has been made affordable. All profit from each sale goes to the buyer’s choice of organization doing valuable work for the community. We feature here those working with arts education, which was so important to Doffie, especially involving youth. Doffie is paying her passion and vitality forward. Her project lives the notion that the transformative power of the arts should be accessible to all.


“The rhythms of nature have always influenced not only what I paint, but how I paint it. Be it sky, clouds, trees or water my hand and body must become part of this rhythm.”

     “As I become more apprehensive about the uncertainty of our time, I find solace in the permanence of mountains.”

-Dorothy Arnold

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All work has been grouped into 7 price tiers for donation: $10,000, 6,000, $4,000, $2,000$1,000$500, $250, and $100. Pieces are unframed unless otherwise stated. Donation amount includes all administrative fees. Buyer may pick up their purchase(s) at The Doffie Project location in Braintree, MA, or arrange  shipping or delivery with a service we are happy to recommend.

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The significant size of the collection requires us to parse offerings in frequently updated installments.

To see other available work temporarily exhibited in Doffie’s studio, email us at for an appointment.

  • $10000
  • $6000
  • $4000
  • $2000
  • $1000
  • $500
  • $250
  • $100


Doffie’s List

The Doffie Project features this list of organizations because of their passionate commitment to youth, arts education and diversity and inclusion within our community. Proceeds may be directed to organizations not included in this list at the request of the buyer.

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  • Collaborations with Charities

    July 23, 2015

    We are currently booking 2015-2016 fundraising events with non-profit organizations across the Massachusetts area. If you have a charity that would like to fundraise with The Doffie Project, contact us-


    Boston Renaissance Gala

    May 06, 2015

    On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Boston Renaissance Charter Public School celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the Boston Renaissance Gala. The Doffie Project was proud to support the event by contributing some artworks to help raise funds for the school.

    Masked woman A

    Discover Roxbury

    March 20, 2015

    The Doffie Project was featured at the annual Discover Roxbury Black & White Gala on March 13, 2015. What a fun event! More at

    Fam at event on 11.17

    Doffie Project Update

    January 15, 2015

    Since the project launched in November 2013, over 300 pieces of art have sold and raised over $130,000.

    “Doffie Arnold’s artwork is brilliant. I am delighted that the Doffie Project… (allowed) The Art Connection to receive substantial donations.”
    -Susan Collings, Executive Director

  • pluggedin

    Annual Fall Fundraiser for Plugged In

    November 20, 2014

    On November 15, 2015, The Doffie Project was thrilled to have supported Plugged In at their annual Fall fundraiser presented by Private School Innovator (PSI). Plugged In is an after school music program for students of all ages, elementary through high school, based in Needham, MA.


    New DP Location Now Open to the Public

    August 02, 2014

    Our new location is now open at 80 Independence Avenue, Quincy, MA. A large selection of Doffie’s acclaimed artwork is available to view and purchase by appointment only. Email us now to book your appointment-


    Nurtury Learning Lab

    July 22, 2014

    With Doffie and husband David seated in the front row, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh spoke at the June 16 opening of the Nurtury Learning Lab at the Bromley-Heath housing development. The $17.1-million Boston facility serves almost 200 pre-school children in classrooms including the Dorothy Arnold Art Studio.

    The Learning Center at Bromley:Heath

    The Learning Center at
    Bromley Heath

    July 21, 2014

    The center incorporates creative thinking and evidence-based practices in a unique neighborhood-centric early childhood education program that will serve families as well as their children. The center houses an art education program bearing Doffie’s name. Her work is on display throughout the facility.

  • Home for Little Wanderers

    May 25, 2014

    What an amazing collaboration with the oldest child welfare agency in the nation. Nine of Doffie’s works presented at their annual gala and auction on May 21, 2014, with 1,000 in attendance. Every single piece sold. What a sweet success story for all of us. More at


    Why are we celebrating?

    March 05, 2014

    These additional organizations plan fund-raising events in Doffie’s studio gallery: Art Connection, Commonwealth Compact, Boston YWCA, Urbano Project, DIR, Fashion Descience and Rosie’s Place — with more commitments in formation. Yup, Doffie is paying it forward with her art.


    Rewards of an Event

    January 10, 2014

    On January 5, The Lenny Zakim Fund hosted an event at the studio that has raised $7000 – so far. Musical entertainment included players from Youth and Family Enrichment Services, a Zakim beneficiary based in Hyde Park.


    Cambridge Public Library

    November 08, 2013

    Doffie kept close to 100 journals throughout her life, documenting her experiences with writing and illustration. These have been donated to the Cambridge Public Library’s archives and used in an exhibition to inspire youth to record their own experiences through fine art and personal writing.

  • DeCordova Corporate Loan Program

    DeCordova Corporate Loan Program

    October 11, 2013

    Doffie provided around 40 paintings to the DeCordova’s Corporate Art Loan Program. The museum rents to businesses and, in exchange, receives support for its “comprehensive and innovative educational program.”


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